Source Creative Interviews: Kasra Farahani

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July 20, 2016

The worlds of design and production are intrinsically linked. Not only has the art and design world spawned some of the industry's greatest directors, without great conceptual minds much of the imagery we consider ‘pure cinema’ simply wouldn’t exist. It was therefore a treat to get the opportunity to chat to Chromista’s breakthrough director Kasra Farahani on the eve of the premier of his first feature film, after spending nearly a decade as a well regarded concept artist and art director.

Throughout the in-depth interview we were able to speak to the Iranian-born director about his design background before joining the film world, the many high-profile features to which he lent his hand and his remarkable ascent from short-form director to feature film helmer in a just 3 years.


On our trip to LA we stopped by the Chromista office to speak to the concept artist turned art director turned feature films director Kasra Farahani about his incredible career path.

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