Chromista Signs Director Alessandro Pacciani For U.S. Spot Representation

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March 6, 2017

Alessandro Pacciani, a prolific director in international advertising, has signed with filmmaker Darren Aronofsky’s production house Chromista for exclusive commercialmaking representation in the U.S. Pacciani was previously repped in the American ad market by 1stAveMachine. 

The director is best known for his action packed car campaigns and for his work on the critically acclaimed video game Dark Souls II. With over a decade of experience working on three continents, Pacciani has cultivated a global roster of clients including Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Nike, Toyota, Nissan, Jeep, Subaru, Honda and Samsung. His works have garnered assorted honors including a UNESCO award, as well as showcased at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. Prior to his directing career, Pacciani developed a strong foothold in design, animation, and visual effects. Those skills allowed him to establish his own signature look through blending digital technology and high-octane visuals with cinematic storytelling.

“We fell in love with Alessandro’s work because it’s aesthetically beautiful and he is able to tell a story through striking imagery,” said Scott Franklin, Aronofsky’s longtime features producer and Chromista partner. “You can see the artistry through the attention to detail that is put into every aspect from art direction, lighting, casting and complemented through sound design, edit and enhanced through visual effects and color. He stands out as a filmmaker and storyteller.”

Chromista was founded in 2013 by Academy Award nominated director Aronofsky (Black Swan, The Wrestler) and partners Franklin, Sandy Haddad and Ted Robbins. Pacciani rounds out a roster that includes, Aronofsky, Xavier Mairesse, Marcelo Burgos, Kasra Farahani, Daniel Portrait, Rory Kelleher and Josh Cole.

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