Ad of the Day: Samsung Will Be There on the Most Mysteriously Wonderful Day of Your Life

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November 12, 2015

We wrote about a Kia ad recently in which Blake Griffin was "in the zone," which turned out to be literally a heavenly place, a fantasy mind-space in the clouds, where he was the most relaxed he could be. But this new Samsung ad from R/GA does Kia one better, showing an ordinary man who has found "the sweet spot," where all of life is charmed, and eventually is enhanced by a very special Samsung audio speaker.

The man's name is Edwin Balldinger, and he's about to enjoy a day unlike any other, where everything mysteriously goes his way. And to cap it off, an unlikely delivery turns his home into an aural paradise.

The spot is written in that posh, eccentric style seen most recently in Design Army's Wes Anderson-like optometrist spot. Chromista director Marcelo Burgos does a fine job with the absurd premise, weaving touches of humor into the dreamworld that give it its charm.

Just not totally sure that's the perfect hair.

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