Creation Sequence
Josh Cole
Josh Cole was raised by his hippy Mum. The family was eclectic and poor, so he never really fit in at school. Always in a dream world, he was obsessed with comics and film throughout his childhood. A rebel at University, he again didn’t fit in, and he refused to conform to the curriculum of the course. Having been a hip-hop devotee most of his life, Josh became involved in the local hip-hop scene and began to collaborate with DJ’s, rappers, break dancers and graffiti artists shooting promotional photos and writing for a local magazine, where he become a well known face on the scene. By the time Josh graduated, he was shooting regularly for national magazines, and he developed a workshop teaching young offenders photography, which turned into an exhibition curated by David Bailey. Just a year after graduating, Josh shot his first campaign for Levi’s, which started a successful career in advertising. In 2011 Josh turned his hand for the first time to directing. Within his first year, off his own back he had shot in LA, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Rwanda, Ethiopia and The Congo. His first moving image was a music video for the Ministry of Sound, which went on to win a Best in Book for the Creative Review photo awards, and was nominated twice in the UK Music Video Awards for Best Dance Video and Best Cinematography. He then directed his second video for Asylum/ Warner for Rudimental in the slums of Manila, which won 8 awards to date including Saatchi New Director’s Showcase and Best Dance Video at the UK MVAs. He then went on to shoot three other groundbreaking music promos including a docu-drama shot in the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana for Chase and Status. In three short years Josh is now in the top of his field as a director, and he has directed TV commercials and online content for Nike, Coca-Cola, Rexona, Giff Gaff and Starbucks. He has also started writing and has a number of exciting projects in the pipeline, which include his first feature film.